Guangxi Nanning Xinzhichao Trade Co., Ltd. engaged in this industry for more than 15 years with our own research, production, sales team and after-sales service.

The biggest investor is Mr. Li personally inspecting the target country market, and finally began to move toward import and export trade and develop friendly economic exchanges with countries around the world.

Today, many countries have used our molds and designs to build more beautiful homes, and cannot do without the efforts of Mr. Li and all the teams. The team's cohesiveness demonstrates excellent quality and service. We believe in adhering to the basic principles of quality, service and innovation without compromise. Ensure thickness, hardness, ability to withstand concrete and worker safety.

Thanks to partners and teams for their support of the company, welcome new partners to join us.

Main Products

Roman pillar molds, Baluster molds, Flower pot molds, Window sill molds, Roof decoration molds, etc.

Company Culture